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February 2022

February's Motion Ideas and Tips

【Announcement】Price Increase Starting in April

Due to the sharp increase in the prices of raw materials, components, and logistics costs, it has become extremely difficult to maintain our support and products at current prices. For the first time in 15 years, we are in a position where we must increase our price so we can continue to provide you the quality products you have come to value and trust from Oriental Motor.

   Price increase summary

  • Effective date: April 1, 2022
  • Products affected: All Products
  • Price increase rate: 10%*
    *Some products may vary

We have and will continue as a company, to improve our productivity and ability
with the focus of keeping our commitments to you. We appreciate your business
and understanding, and again we would like to thank you for being a valued

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【Product Release】BLH Series Expansion

We've expanded the popular BLH Series DC brushless motors and compact drivers to include a new flat connector type motor with improved performance.  We also offer 3 new drivers for the new connector type motors.  New functions include electrical load holding and deceleration stop.

CS Gear
The new BLH Series connector type motor features:
  • More torque
  • Flat connector type
  • CS (center shaft) geared type
Increased Output

Combine various motor and driver types to make your own system

Brushless DC Motor Types
Analog Setting Type Digital Setting Type RS-485 Communication Type
Analog Driver Digital Driver Digital Driver
AGV demo with 2 BLH series motors and FR gearheads

AGV demo

See how the BLH Series gear motors work for AGVs and learn how to turn a vehicle by changing speeds.

BLH Series Lineup  

To upgrade your current BLH Series, please contact our technical support team.

【Video】PKP Series High Torque Stepper Motors

2-phase bipolar stepper motors In addition to lower vibration, higher torque, and improved repeatable accuracy, the PKP series stepper motors offer a wide variety of electrical specifications, frame sizes, resolutions, electromagnetic brake, geared, and encoder options.  Don't forget to pair them with our CVD drivers for the smoothest performance.

Watch our new video to learn more:

  • Smallest air gap
  • Optimized magnetic design
  • Higher winding density
  • Larger diameter shaft and ball bearing
  • Flat lead wire connector

PKP Series high torque 2-phase stepper motors video

PKP Series Bipolar Lineup (4 Wire)
PKP Series Unipolar Lineup (6 Wire)

5-phase stepper motors and drivers are also available for even lower vibration.

【Engineering Note】Motor Selection Basics: Variable Speed Belt Conveyor

Many motor manufacturers offer a motor sizing tool to help with product selection, but if you don't know how to use it, you may still end up paying for it in the long run.  This Engineering Note explains how to use our motor sizing tool for a belt conveyor.

Belt conveyor motor sizing tool

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