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June 2022

June's Motion Ideas and Tips

【Software】MEXE02 v4.10 Released

The MEXE02 support software for network-compatible drivers has been updated to v4.10.  Please download this version for the AlphaStep family of AZ Series based motors, linear actuators, and rotary actuators or the BLV Series R Type.

Functional Improvements:

  • Version 4.10 now works with the BLV Series R Type
  • "Communicating" now shows during communication
  • New function added for copying parameter names and values

What can it do?

Not only can the MEXE02 easily set up system parameters and data points for many motor drivers, but it can also generate advanced motion sequences without prior programming knowledge.

Introduction to the MEXE02 Product Support Software

MEXE02 software intro video

Set up system parameters

MEXE02 base settings
System parameters, such as base settings, motor & mechanism (coordinates/JOG/home operation), alarm & info, I/O action and function, and communication.

Program motion profiles

MEXE02 motion profile operation data Set up to 256 motion profiles including operation type, position, speed, acceleration, deceleration, operating current, and more.

Generate advanced motion sequences

MEXE02 operation I/O event
Motion profiles can be linked to each other for advanced motion sequences.  Common conditional statements like IF/THEN and LOOP can now be done with automatic sequential and operation I/O event (event trigger).

Teach data and monitor system status

MEXE02 monitor system status
Data points can also be taught under "Teaching, remote operation".  Various system data can be monitored, including position, speed, temperature, loop count, position deviation, odometer, and more.

Other Resources:

  • How-to videos - learn to generate specific motion sequences, like palletizing
  • PLC support - download GDS, EDI, EDS, and AOI files for network support
  • PLC tutorials - for Allen Bradley, Keyence, Beckhoff, and Omron

Upgrade to MEXE02 v4.10  

【Product】BLH Series Connector Type 

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the expansion of the popular BLH Series brushless DC motor line-up to include the all-new Connector Type motor and flat connector cable.

One Cable Connection with Compact and Flat Connector

New compact connector type BLH Series BLDC motor


CS Geared Type Also Available with Connector Type

BLH Series CS geared type BLDC motor


What's New?

The BLH Connector Type features an all-new motor with a motor connector to attach a single motor cable from the motor to the driver instead of multiple cables.  The same 3 driver types are available (analog, digital, RS-485) with the new Connector Type and have an “H” designated in its model number.

Key Features:

  • New Connector Type makes setup quick and easy
  • Traditional BLH gearheads are compatible with the new Connector Type
  • New CS gearhead is available for the new Connector Type
  • New misty gray paint differentiates the new motor and gearhead

Browse BLH Series Lineup  

【White Paper】Features and Functions of the EH Series Electric Gripper

The EH Series is part of the AlphaStep AZ Series family of motors, actuators, and dedicated smart drivers.  This white paper explains its features and functions.

Griper Robotic Arm
EH Series grippers can be used as end effectors on the end of a robotic arm and provide adjustable force.
eh series electric gripper dimensions The EH Series gripper is compact and is designed for handling small parts.
eh series motor with battery-free mechanical multi-turn absolute sensor
The EH Series gripper uses a battery-free mechanical multi-turn absolute sensor for absolute position control.

Features and Functions of the EH Series Electric Gripper

【Engineering Note】Pneumatic Actuators vs Electric Actuators: Which is Better?

Pneumatic actuators and electric actuators are often compared for linear motion requirements that do not require the high forces of hydraulic actuators.  Here are 15 differences.

Power cost comparison between pneumatic and electric actuators

Pneumatic Actuators vs Electric Actuators: Which is Better?

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