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October 2021

October's Motion Ideas and Tips

【 Product Expansion 】DR Series Compact Cylinders

DR Series compact electric cylinders

We are pleased to announce a lineup expansion of our DR Series compact cylinders, which use the same absolute positioning technology from the AlphaStep AZ Series.

In addition to the 28 mm frame size, a 20 mm frame size has been added for the rod type and table type.  Precision and rolled ball screws are also offered for the table type, guide rod type, and rod type. 

DR/DRS2 Series Compact Electric Cylinders

FYI:  Ball Screws: Rolled vs Precision

Want to learn more?  This white paper explains all the types from the DR Series.

The Structure and Positioning Accuracy of the DR Series Compact Electric Cylinder
  • Rod Type
  • Rod Type with Guide
  • Table Type
  • Wide Table Type

【 Product Expansion 】Motors for AZ Series Compact Driver

AZ series compact driver for absolute stepper motors and actuators

Additional "direct connect" motors were released for the AZ Series compact driver with built-in controller and RS-485 communications.

AZ Series "Direct Connect" Motors Lineup

(NEW) 28 mm Standard Type (NEW) 42 mm Standard Type (NEW) 42 mm Standard Type with Electromagnetic Brake 30 mm Harmonic Geared Type

42 mm Harmonic Geared Type with Electromagnetic Brake

AZ Series "Direct Connect" Motors

The AZ Series compact driver is just one of the driver types offered and can be used with any product that is equipped with an AlphaStep AZ Series motor.  This includes motors, rotary actuators, and linear actuators.  No additional connection cables are necessary if "direct connect" motors are used.

Which products use the AZ Series compact driver?

Like videos?  Here's a video that demonstrates how the compact driver works on a 7-axis articulated robot.

7-axis articulated robot demo with AlphaStep AZ series compact drivers

【 Product Release 】KIIS Series 200W Hypoid Gear Motor

To complement our popular World K Series of multi-purpose AC motors lineup, the KIIS Series 3-phase AC motors offer enhanced performance with VFDs and offer high efficiency, IP66 rating, and stainless steel shaft.

A 200W right-angle hypoid gear motor is now available for increased load.

KIIS Series 3-phase AC gear motor with right angle hypoid gearhead

KIIS Series 3-Phase AC Gearmotors

Why Hypoid Gear?
Hypoid gears stay efficient regardless of gear ratio.  Learn more with this blog post.

Right Angle Gear Motors: Why are Hypoid Gears Better Than Worm Gears?


Worm vs Hypoid Power Consumption

【 Product Release 】MEXE02 Support Software v4.60

This MEXE02 support software is compatible with all driver types from the AZ Series family, including EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, and Profinet network types.

Download this software when you use a driver from the AZ Series.
MEXE02 Software

Download MEXE02 Support Software v4.60  

【 Engineering Note 】

Monthly blog posts explain motion tips and application examples.

Engineering Note: Motor Selection Basics: Types of Electric Motors

Motor Selection Basics: Types of Electric Motors

Which type of electric motor do you size for your conveyor, XYZ table, or robot?  Before you select one, you must understand the characteristics of each type of motor in the market.

Motor Selection Basics: Types of Electric Motors  

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