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April 2021

This Month: Brushless Motors for Conveyors, BLH Series Motor Driver Cover, KIIS Series AC Motors Update and more

Brushless Motors for Conveyors

Conveyors are a type of material handling application that uses motors, pulleys, and belts to move material or products to different destinations in the factory or distribution center.  Traditionally, AC motors and VFDs are typically chosen for conveyors.  However, Oriental Motor's brushless motors and dedicated drivers can make things easier for applications requiring high efficiency, compact size, and speed regulation.  For food handling applications, please ask about IP67 dust/watertight protection and H1 food grade grease.

Speed Regulation Comparison - Brushless Motors and AC Motors

Built-in hall effect sensors close the loop between the motor and driver and ensures speed regulation at +/-0.2% or better even with fluctuating loads.

Brushless motor video: speed regulation on dual belt conveyor

Simple Speed Control of Brushless Motors

Dedicated motor drivers are packed with useful functions and are designed to be easy to use by operators.

Brushless motor video: simple speed control for conveyors

Easy Speed Synchronization Between Brushless Motors

Easily and quickly synchronize speeds on different motors with digital speed setting on the driver.

Brushless motor video: speed synchronization on dual belt conveyor
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BLH Series Brushless Motor Driver Cover

Brushless motor driver cover

Oriental Motor is pleased to continue adding accessories to our most popular brushless motor systems.  A driver cover was released for the popular DC input BLH series drivers.  This cover provides protection for the driver and prevents accidental contact.  At this time, the driver cover is only available for 15W~50W driver models.

PADC-BLH2D Driver Cover

See all accessories for the BLH Series; including the new drive flange adapter!

KIIS Series AC Motors Update 

KIIS Series 30W~100W parallel shaft (geared) and round shaft (ungeared) type three-phase AC motors with terminal box now feature stainless steel output shafts.  This update enhances the KIIS Series's IP66 protection rating.  Along with optional H1 food grade grease, the KIIS Series presents another solution for food handling applications.

K2S Terminal Box Type AC Motors with stainless steel shaft

Stainless Steel Shaft, Optional Food Grade Grease Terminal Box
IP66 AC gear motors with H1 food grade grease
Terminal Box Type AC motor

KIIS Series 3-Phase AC Gearmotors

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Engineering Notes

Engineering Notes is a technical blog dedicated to motion control tips and application examples.  Here are two recent posts for brushless motor users and stepper motor users.

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Flange drive adapter cutsheet
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