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October 2020

This Month: Product Series Family Expansions, Pack Expo Connect 2020 and More

Product Series Family Expansions

Oriental Motor responds to market feedback and continuously improves our product breadth to ensure our market needs are met.

New AZ Series Compact Driver & Direct Connect Motors

The Compact Driver works with a variety of AlphaStep AZ Series, DC input absolute stepper motors and actuators. This driver can be controlled using RS-485 communication and daisy chained to maximize design, space and improve installation time. The Compact Driver is also designed to be close to the motor, making it ideal for robotic applications. 

AZ series compact driver for absolute stepper motors and actuators
  • 24/48 VDC / 6.5 A total
  • 256 motion profiles
  • 16 points I/O
  • RS-485 & daisy-chain

    AZ Series Compact Driver

7-axis articulated robot demo with AlphaStep AZ series compact drivers, motors & actuators

Use this driver with our new AZ Series Direct Connect Motors 
to avoid the additional conversion cable.  More will be added in the future.
AZ series direct connect motors


New BLV Series 100 W (1/8 HP)

Armed with a dedicated driver with useful features designed for battery operated vehicles as well as a unique FR flat style gearhead, this system is ideal for driving AGVs and AMRs.  A smaller 100 W brushless DC motor has been introduced for the BLV Series. 

BLV series flat BLDC gearmotor and dedicated driver
  • 24/48 VDC
  • Unique FR flat hollow shaft gearhead
  • Slope driving & low battery mode
  • Easily program or monitor with MEXE02 support software

    BLV Series BLDC 


New KIIS Series 200 W (1/4 HP)

A 200 W model has been added to the KIIS series of high efficiency three-phase AC induction gearmotors.  With an IP66 rating as well as a stainless steel output shaft, these motors are ideal for washdown applications, such as food conveyors.

K2S series 200 W 1/4 HP AC gear motor with stainless steel shaft and IP66
  • Compact & fan-less
  • IE4 efficiency
  • 10,000 hour rated life
  • High performance gear technology with reduced noise
  • Available in three-phase 220, 230, 240 VAC or 380, 400 or 415 VAC

KIIS Series 3-Phase AC Gearmotors

Engineering Notes 

Monthly Engineering Notes blog posts explain product tips & application examples.

Knowing how to use a product properly can make a huge difference in its performance and life. For example, knowing how to maintain cast iron pans properly can make them last longer.  STO, or "Safe Torque Off", is a dedicated, built-in safety circuit function that makes safety easier to manage for motion devices, such as a robot. It is part of the overall safety system.
Engineering Note: What Determines Motor Life?
Engineering Note: Built-in STO Function Simplifies Safety
What Determines Motor Life?
Built-in STO Function Simplifies Safety


Pack Expo Connect

Pack Expo is going virtual.  Our engineering manager will be showing two live demos at the Pack Expo Connects virtual show.  Please reserve your seats now.

Thursday, November 12 – 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

Robotic arm demo with absolutes stepper motors and actuator

Battery-Free Absolute Position Control for Robotics with Predictive Maintenance

Friday, November 13  11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Central Time (US & Canada)

Brushless motor & driver demo with torque clamp

Make sure to add these events to your MyConnects Planner!

Pack Expo Virtual Showroom


New literature this month include the factory automation network brochure and the AZ Series STO function brochure.

FA Network Brochure
AZ Series STO function
FA Network brochure
AZ Series STO function brochure

Also: New 2020~2021 Product Guide

Our first eBook summarizes our core products and services.

2020~2021 Product Guide

More Literature

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