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July 2021

This Month: PROFINET Drivers Now Available with AZ Series Family, Brother MMD Series Product Enhancement, Product Videos Help Visualize Applications and more

PROFINET Drivers Now Available with AZ Series Family

AZ Series "stored data" type drivers now offer PROFINET communications.  Easily combine with a motor or an actuator for a complete battery-free, absolute positioning motor and driver solution.  These PROFINET compatible drivers comply with Conformance Class B and enable real-time monitoring.  Using the diagnostic tool of the host controller, network diagnostics and topology detection can be performed.

Available in AC or DC input, AZ Series PROFINET drivers are compatible with Oriental Motor's closed-loop stepper motors, linear actuators, and rotary actuators equipped with the AlphaStep AZ Series technology.

AC Input DC Input
Single-Phase 100-120 VAC
Single-Phase 200-240 VAC
Three-Phase 200-240 VAC
24/48 VDC
AZ series Profinet drivers for absolute stepper motors

AZ Series PROFINET Drivers

 FYI  The GSD file is also available for download.

Here's what a PROFINET network looks like with products from the AZ Series family.


Profinet network example with AZ family

Brother MMD Series Product Enhancement

Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the "enhanced" Brother MMD Series (Modular Mid Design).  These are all new AC induction motors with the same gearheads available in 1/2~3 HP.  The MMD Series offers IE3 efficiency and is available in a variety of standard voltages and special voltages.  Please contact us for a cross-reference.

MMD ac gear motor

Parallel Shaft (Inline) 
AC Gear Motor

AC Gear Motor

Right-Angle Hollow Shaft 
AC Gear Motor

Brother G3 Gear Motor - Flange Mount
Flange Mount

Brother G3 Gear Motor - Foot Mount
Foot Mount

Brother H2 Gear Motor


Brother F3 Gear Motor

What's Different? What's the Same?
  • Motors have a more compact design (no change to mounting).
  • Some electrical changes due to new motors (see website).
  • Motors are smooth in design
  • E-mag brake types, the brake is now easily replaceable (module) if this is required.
  • Pricing: Price has increased. See individual part number.
  • Gearheads – same mounting
  • (G3 – parallel / F3 – Hollow Right Angle / H2 – Solid Right angle)
  • Wiring
  • Terminal Box
  • F Class winding Insulation / Inverter Duty
  • IE3 Rating (energy efficiency)
  • Agency approvals
  • 5 year warranty
  • Gearhead only: Motor Mounting type 56C / 140TC / 180TC

Brother MMD Series AC Gearmotors

Product Videos Help Visualize Applications

Product videos help users visualize how products work in an application.  Here are some of our newest videos.

IP67 Watertight, Dust-Resistant Connector Type Brushless Motors

This video explains how we improved the motor's rating from IP66 to IP67.

IP67 watertight, dust-resistant connector type brushless motors video


Work Processing Equipment Demo with Linear Actuators

This video demonstrates a 5-axis gluing system comprised of "off the shelf" products.

Work processing equipment demo

New Literature

We have released one cutsheet last month.

AZ Series PROFINET Stepper Motor Drivers

AZ Series Profinet drivers cutsheet

Download Cutsheet

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