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August 2019

EtherNet/IP™ Products, Hypoid Gear Motors, New Driver Technology, and Pack Expo Pass

New Product: AZ Series AC-Input EtherNet/IP™ Compatible Drivers with Hybrid Control System αSTEP

AZ Series AC input drivers now come with EtherNet/IP™ communications for a battery-free, absolute mechanical sensor motor and driver solution. Use this driver with all AZ Series motors, linear acuators, or rotary actuators equipped with the AZ Series.

  • Built-in Protective Functions
  • Predictive Monitoring Functions
  • MEXE02 Support Software for Paramater Setting (free download)
  • Single-Phase 100-120 VAC or Single-Phase/Three-Phase 200-240 VAC
  • For AC Input AZ Series Motors

EtherNet/IP Driver

AZ Series Ethernet/IP Driver

New Product: 3-Phase AC Gear Motors with High Efficiency Right Angle Hypoid Gearhead

Our three-phase AC motor KIIS Series now includes a high strength right-angle hypoid gearhead and is a great alternative to traditional worm gear motors.  


  • Terminal box offers IP66 protection
  • Right-Angle Hypoid gearhead that can be mounted in any direction
  • Available in 30 W, 40 W and 100 W 
  • Best Characteristics Achieved when Combined with an Inverter (VFD)

KIIS Series 3-Phase AC Gearmotors

K2S Series AC motor with right angle hypoid gearhead
Right Angle Gearheads: Why are  Hypoid Gears Better Than Worm Gears?

New White Paper: Development of the CVK Series S-Type Compact Board Mount Stepper Motor Driver with SPI

The S-Type driver is a type of the CVK Series of stepper motor drivers that offers SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and is ideal for engineers who design their own controls.  This white paper explains the changes from the original CVK series and the background of the development.

Read More

Development of the S type stepper driver

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